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Team diagnostics is a tool defining:
  • Natural team potential
  • Strengths and weaknesses of individuals
  • Powers acting in favour of and against team efficiency increases
Team diagnostics include:
  • Psycho-diagnostic tests and questionnaires
  • Observation in dealing with individual and team tasks
  • Observation in work process
  • Opinion of respective team members on team strengths and weaknesses
It is suitable for teams
  • required to generate permanently high results
  • teams faced with new demanding tasks
  • new teams


Team cooperation training helps to improve team efficiency and synergy via:
  • Barriers removal and development of positive relations
  • Improved mutual recognition and understanding of thinking and behaviour in others
  • Understanding team potential and development needs
  • Development of team competencies and emotional intelligence
  • Training program based on experiential learning via own experiences in solving problem team activities with increasing complexity, solution of creative tasks and case studies.
The training also includes development of action plans defining actual development steps leading to improved team efficiency.

Team cooperation training is suitable for:
  • New teams
  • Teams with low efficiency, or conflicts
  • Restructured teams


Team coaching represents a series of short team meetings aiming to help participants in improving efficiency via mutual problem identification and search for solutions. Meetings focus on both current problems and long term tasks.

These meetings last several hours and are organised in monthly intervals throughout half to one full year.

Coaching process runs as follows:
  • Definition of mutual tasks, problems
  • Search for ways to complete these tasks through recognition and mobilisation of sources and exchange of experiences
  • Action plans creation
  • Implementation of plans
  • Assessment of a given tool application suitability, approach to task solution, its efficiency and impact
Team coaching is suitable for work groups and teams that:
  • Are faced with new demanding goals and tasks
  • Need to improve their efficiency and performance
  • Groups of managers needing to improve efficiency of cooperation between their departments