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Coaching is a highly efficient manager development tool leading to changes in behaviour and opinions, thus improving efficiency and performance.

Coaching represents an interview of a coach and client, whereby coach asks structured questions to:
  • Support situation reflexion
  • Enable the client to look at situations from different points of view
  • Support the client’s belief in own abilities in mastering various tasks
Its uniqueness, as a development tool, lies in the following:
  • It addresses current needs of a manager
  • It focuses on direct implementation into practice
  • Application of agreed changes is easily measurable
  • It supports complex personality development
  • It provides room for working with topics, which cannot be communicated in front of other colleagues
  • It is based on a partner approach
Coaching meetings are organised once per month and last 1 – 1.5 hours. The coaching process may be nonrecurring, dealing with the solution of one given problem.
However, it mostly lasts longer, between ½ a year to one full year. In such case, it focuses general development of the manager.