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On our company

On our company

We are a consulting and training company in the field of human potential support and development.
We aim to increase staff performance and efficiency and improve competitiveness of organisations.
The name of our company QUANTICON get futher....means a move forward. It is exactly what we help with our clients... to move ahead.

Our company was established in 2006 and we are focusing on:
  • Consulting in education and development of employees
  • Team diagnostics and team development
  • Development of interpersonal and managerial skills
  • Couching
  • Education and developement of middle and line management in production companies
We build on:
  • Long-term experienced consultants, trainers and couches and their Professional approach
  • System approach to our client’s requirements and knowledge of client‘s work environment
  • Flexibility and custom made programs respecting client needs
  • Selection of adequate development tool depending on actual needsvýbere adekvátneho rozvojového prostriedku podľa konkrétnych potrieb
  • Focus on real client’s needszameraní na reálne potreby klienta
  • Knowledge and skills transfer into practice
In June 2007 QUANTICON s.r.o. was accredited by the Ministry of Education of Slovak Republic for all outdoor and indoor trainings, which are currently being offered.

Values we build on:
  • High service professionalism and service quality
  • Modern and flexible approach
  • Constant development of own lector potential
  • Integrity – acting in line with defined principles
  • Team spirit – utilisation of our team potential and mutual support
We build on the combination of our team abilities enabling us to apply a complex approach to work with client. We cooperate with:
  • Psychologists, which enables diagnostics of situation and environment
  • Pedagogists overseeing quality of training organization
  • Managers with leadership skills and experiences in various business environments; they are focused on practical problem solution