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It makes use of the natural environment and applies it as a development tool in the field of team work, interpersonnel, managerial skills and personal development.
It points out efficiency of team work and communication and uses potential of each individual.
Outdoor training builds on experiential pedagogy – learning through own experiences. Teams develop through the completion of various tasks presenting rational and emotional stimulus. Programs have elaborate, targeted, graduated dramaturgy and varied balanced sequence of programs.
Intensity of activities and of the program is adequate and adjusted to the training needs, possibilities and skills of the group and current natural conditions.

Programs using natural environment include the following:


The training uses natural obstacles and tasks as a team development tool. The solution of tasks and situations shows efficiency of team thinking, communication, acting.

Each activity is followed a reflection, where the team evaluates its behaviour, defines its strengths and development needs.

The programs represent a mix of activities:
  • Team, problem solving activity
  • Challenging tasks, such as rock climbing, caving, white water rafting,...
  • Self-examination and own potential recognition activities
Suitable for:
  • New teams or extended teams
  • Restructured teams
  • Teams faced with new demanding tasks
The training output is increased team efficiency and synergy via:
  • Supported trust
  • Increased team identification
  • Recognition of team qualities
  • Improvement of social interactions and team competencies
  • Personal development
  • Supported mental resistance


Suitable for: managers wishing to extend their knowledge in team leadership using an untraditional, interactive method

The training aims to improve managerial and interpersonnel skills in team leaders:
  • Through the understanding of which personal qualities lead to efficient team leading,
  • understanding the importance of management style to situation and personnel advancement level situation leadership,
  • correct understanding of manager tasks
  • Supported mental resistance


Supporting the interesting project, cooperation with civil society organization or joint work on the architectural monument renovation brings team together and enhances loyalty to the employer. Moreover, the result of the joint effort is tangible and visible.

Corporate volunteering is a form of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

We offer following corporate volunteering projects:
  • restoration of cultural heritage: castles, churches, rotundas etc.
  • ecology and nature preservation
  • altruism and social issues: social care homes, children´s homes, schools etc.
  • development of the local community: public spaces and projects by region in which your company operates
Suitable for: any team, department or entire company.


Expedition traverses of mountain ranges in Slovakia and abroad, coupled with demanding outdoor activities, such as rafting, caving, climbing.

Suitable for:
  •  Well coordinated teams
  •  Team leaders wishing to use difficulg situations to test their:
    • Leadership skill
    • Ability to work in team under difficult conditions
    • Ability to overcome demanding obstancles and to resist discomfort
    • Mental resistance


Team spirit programs represent blocks of interesting, attractive activities aiming to support teams links via mutual experiences, fun, active relax.

Team spirit programs include:
  • Evening informal, semi structured programs
  • Team competitions in various activities, such as archery, terrain orientation, high ropes, solutions of riddles, bungee running,....
These programs help to:
  • Learn to know each other
  • Create positive relations and atmosphere
  • Improve motivation
They are suitable as part of work meetings.