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Consulting in staff development and education

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Consulting projects aim to increase efficiency and performance of staff and company processes. These projects are based on current status analysis and target situation definition. Then, the consulting project is created – an optimum path to a defined goal.

Quality human resources development system secures the completion of staff tasks and thus contributes to reaching company wide goals.

We provide the following services in the field of consulting:
  • identification of development needs
  • individual consulting and couching
  • training system definition


Development needs identification studies discrepancies between the desired status of staff competencies development and the reality. It builds on combination of organisation and personnel needs. Thereby, it is important to consider several sources and select those, which present an objective image of needs.

When identifying development needs, we consider:
  • Strategic and action goals of company and department
  • Job requirements
  • Individual staff competencies
  • Employee performance
Development needs identification represents input material necessary for the creation of an efficient training system.
We help in the selection of suitable development needs identification tools, in their correct application and evaluation.


Training system definition means optimisation of links between:
  • Identification of training needs
  • Definition of training plan
  • Implementation of training activities
  • Evaluation of training needs
  • Use of gathered knowledge and skills
  • Evaluation of their use and application in practice
Efficient training system also includes its links to company development strategy and other HR processes.
We provide support in the creation and profiling of training systems representing tools of staff development and performance improvement.


Assessment of personnel potential helps in:
  • Identification of personnel qualities and development needs
  • Identification of potential managers in lower positions
Therefore, we use the following tools of personnel potential assessment:
  • 360 degree feedback
  • the Assessment/Development Center